What you think of my facial asymmetry? How to fix it? don’t want surgery, only orthodontic work and/or temporary Botox/fillers.

This face asymmetry really bothering me. The right side is “bigger” (my favourite), higher eye bow, no droopy eyelid, higher cheekbone, normal nostril & right upper/lower lip is full. Left side has a droopy eyelid, smaller nostril, smaller lips. Consequently, I get uneven laughing lines too. On old photos, droopy eye lid seemed to start in 2007, lips asymmetry in 2008 (both getting worse with time). No accident! Wearing contacts for 12 yr. Braces removed 13 yr ago, teeth have been moving since.

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Facial Asymmetry

Fixing asymmetry can be corrected through facial injections with products such as Botox, Voluma and Sculptra.  Many patients consult me for just this reason. Best, Dr. Green

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Facial Asymmetry

Thank you for sharing your concerns. Without an in-person comprehensive evaluation it is impossible to determine the appropriate treatment course for your specific problems. Make an appointment with an experienced Oculoplastic Surgeon to help you. Good luck.

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