Eyelid Surgery price - UK

What is the price of eyelid surgery in the United Kingdom?

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Cost of Eyelid Surgery

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The cost of your eyelid surgery is dependent on a number of factors and is thus difficult to predict. Price varies according to what you are looking to correct (i.e. upper eyelids, lower eyelids, or both), the experience and prestige of the surgeon you are consulting, your geographic location, and other expenses such as those associated with the surgical center and administration of anesthesia. For an estimate of how much a blepharoplasty surgery will cost you, consult with at least two facial plastic surgeons near your hometown.

Costs depend on location amongst other things...

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Eyelid surgery really depends on a few things...

-type of surgery (upper/lower/both) (ptosis correction)
-type of anaesthesia (local/general)
-geographical location

Typical price for upper eyelid blepharoplasty ranges from £2000 - £3000

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