Nasal reconstruction and lip lift revision.

Im looking for advice and knowledge as I am so defeated and saddened at my face. It's taken my confidence and I just want to be wiser for my next operation. It's pulling to the right, I also need the radix lowered and the bones straightened, the left pinching to be corrected and less nostril show at front. The buckling in the tip to be taken away and to give a softer rounder look, without any counter rotation upwards. Also the lip lift correction and for the sides of mouth to be lifted.

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Revision rhinoplasty and upper lip shortening.

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From your photo it appears the lip incision has stretched and been pulled downwards during healing. Had it remained just below your nasal base the lip height would have been good. It could well have stretched such that your lip height is the same as before the surgery (pre-op photos could determine this). This is a know issue with this surgery. This scar is know to heal poorly at times. Assuming the scar has fully matured (somewhere around a year or maybe more), the best solution is to cut out the scar and start over. There are a number of "tricks" which can be used to try to prevent it from happening again.

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