Any Doctors in Nashville Using the New Cynosure PicoSure Laser for Tattoo Removal Yet?

I have some tattoos that i would like to get removed and am interested in the newly FDA cleared Cynosure PicoSure laser. Are there any docters in the Nashville area useing this laser yet?

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Picosure providers in Nashville

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A provider search is available on the CynoSure website.  Currently there are only 15 centers operating in the U.S.  Please use the following link to find the closest doctor. 

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Picosure in Nashville

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The best way to find out is on the doctor locator of the manufacturer:

We are in New Jersey, but a bit far for you.  there are not many around at this point.

Picosure for tattoo removal in Nashville

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The first four of the 15 available Picosure Lasers are shipping today (3/29/13) and from what I understand are heading west.  The others will be shipping next week are are spread around the country.  I will have one in my Phoenix office next week, but as of now it's the only one in the Southwest.  There will be one in the Detroit area as well.  I'm unsure where the others will be in your area.  Check the Picosure physician site below

Lee P. Laris, DO
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