Discoloration from Laser Lipo? (photo)

I am a 28 year old healthy woman. I had laser lipo on my love handles back in October 2012 from Sonobello. It was a revision surgery, since there still was s lot of fat left. I still have what looks like brown/red bruising on both sides. In addition my right side looks like it has cellulite. Is this permanent or will it go away? What are my options if its permanent? Are there things I can do to speed the healing or reduce the color? This is very upsetting!

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Discoloration of hips following liposuction revisional surgery.

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The discoloration probably is not permanent.  It will take time to resolve.  Massage will probably help resolve sooner.  Be sure to keep these areas out of the sun until totally healed.  Thank you

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Discoloration from Laser Lipo?

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     Laser liposuction can give a reticulated look to the skin.  It is hard to know if this will improve.  If there are residual hemosiderin deposits, this appearance will usually improve over a year's time.



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