Will a Chin Reduction Improve my Looks? (photo)

I feel that my face bone structure is too masculine. My chin in particular is wide and squarish from the front. The profile view is okay. I would like a pointer and more feminine "V" shaped chin. Will a chin reduction help feminize my face? Do I also need a jaw reduction? I've had botox in my jaw 3 months ago (around 20 units on each side) but it didn't have much of an effect. Most of my jaw size is due to the bone and not the muscle. I will be getting a rhinoplasty in June as well.

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Very Hard to know from that photo

Sometimes chin reduction can help, but it is not common.   If the chin protrudes past a straight line drawn downward that goes through your upper and lower lips then it is possible a chin reduction will help.

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Chin reduction surgery is possible and most commonly refered to as a sliding genioplasty whereas the chin bone is cut with a surgical saw, then repositioned 3-dimensionally to meet the desired outcome.  In your case a profile view and better quality frontal photo would be very helpful to determine if you could benefit from this procedure as well.  I would ecommend first asking your rhinoplasry surgeon if s/he recommends this or has someone to refer you to so that both procedures may be done at once. Glad to help... @drryanstanton

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