When can I carry my 4 month old baby after a mini tuck ?

I had a mini tuck 6 days ago .i can't sleep at night because of discomfort without aid of sleeping pill Q1) can I have sleeping pill for few more days ? Q2) when will I be able to regain my body posture and Stand /walk straight ? Q3) when will the pain subside ? Q4) I have a 4 month old baby .when can I start carrying her ? Q5) my vagina is swollen as well .when will that be ok ?

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Carrying baby post Mini Tummy Tuck

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Thanks for your inquiry and congratulations on completing your surgery.  In general, we like patients to wait 8-12 weeks before lifting is done.  However, everyone has a different recovery course and there are cases where you may be able to start carrying your baby at 6 weeks or earlier.  Another factor to consider is the weight of your baby.  Lifting more than 15-20 lbs. has to be carefully assessed with your surgeon to make sure it does not cause any hematomas (bleeding) or wound separation.  So, I would follow up with your surgeon just to be safe.  I hope this helps.

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Mini Tummy Tuck - Post Op Lifting?

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Thank you for your question and congratulations on your recent surgery. It typically takes 7 - 10 days before you are able to stand straight. The pain should be improving a little every day at this point. Most patients are cleared to lift their children four to six weeks following a mini tummy tuck. Please discuss your concerns with your plastic surgeon for recommendations regarding what you should and should not be doing. Good luck with your recovery.

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