Am I a candidate for a bullhorn liplift after 2 open Rhinoplasties? (photos)

I have had 2 open Rhinoplasties and am getting a 3rd (not sure if this will be open or closed). I feel that the length between my nose and upper lip has lengthened after the rhinoplasties and I want to get a lip lift. My question is whether or not I am a candidate since my columella has been cut and I have scar tissue there.

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Probably not

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random72: Your lip does not look particularly short to me.  The youthful upper lip (base of nose to between lips) is about 1/2 the length of the lower lip (between lips to bottom of chin).  You can use this ratio to help analyze your face. 

The "bullhorn" lip lift is very effective and can look quite good, but you certainly risk a visible scar.  I would not recommend doing the "bullhorn" lip lift at the same time as a revision open rhinoplasty as the piece of columellar skin between the lip lift incision and rhinoplasty incision could die.  If you wait for at least several months after any columellar incisions, it should be reasonably safe.  It would be safer to do at the same time as an endonasal (closed) rhinoplasty.

If you are doing a 3rd rhinoplasty, you want this to be your last. You should keep things as simple as possible that day, and do the lip lift several months before or after.  Best of luck.

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Lip Lift

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You do not need a lip lift. Your lips look very good. I would not chance a scar .
Samir Shureih MD. FACS.

Samir Shureih, MD
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