Would I benefit from Alar Base Reduction? (Photo)

I had a rhino 4 years ago, and the surgeon put an umbrella graft, because my tip was droopy, now it looks good, when I smile it never drops. I feel like my nostrils are wide, the left one is wider than right, would wedge excision be enough to make them look better, or would I also need sill excision? I have read here, that doctors advise to improve tip, which is not my case, my nose was already overprojected, and my tip has support already, so I think my problem is just bulbous nostrils?

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Would I benefit from Alar Base Reduction?

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The picture do not tell the whole story. When evaluating alar bases, we like to have the benefit of a 'worm's eye view" meaning the patient looking up which gives the best shot in order to evaluate the width of the nares/alar bases. Good luck

Nostril work

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I cannot tell from the limited photo view available. At a glance I would say perhaps a small wedge resection is all that is needed and can be done in a way to even up the nostril sizes. I would not do any sill work.

Revision rhinoplasty after umbrella graft

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It is impossible to comment based on the limited picture since nasal aesthetics must be addressed in the context of the whole face.  Wedge excision (Weir excision) works well for those noses that would benefit from alar base reduction.  Be sure to consult a surgeon certified by the American Board of plastic surgery. Insist on reviewing a comprehensive portfolio of pre- and post-op pictures so you can see the types of results that are reasonable to expect.

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