US Doctors Skilled or Training for Macrolane Breast Injections?

Are there any doctors skilled or being trained to perform Macrolane breast injections in the USA right now? Any info at all will be helpful? Thanks!

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Macrolane is not available in US

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The FDA has not approved the use of Macrolane in people in the US yet.

It will likely be a few years before you're able to seek Macrolane for breast augmentation in the United States

Breast Injections

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As a specialist in breast augmentation surgery, I can not see how injectables will be able to augment the breast in a pathetically pleasing and significant fashion. I do use fat grafting but not to over all augment the breast but to address discrete areas with concur issues. Any woman who is considering Marcolane type treatments should just consider a small silicone cohesive implant which will have a terrific result and will not cause the issues that injectables will cause. Also, can you imagine trying to read a mammogram after breast injections and all the un necessary breast biopsies that will occur. It is going to be a problem.

Joshua B. Hyman, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon

Macrolane not yet available in the US

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Macrolane developed in Sweden is a form of dermal filler similar to Hylaform used for breast augmentation. The product is available in the UK and Europe, though there are no trials yet in the US. We too are waiting. I do not think it will replace breast implants, though for some it may be attractive.

Best of luck,


Peter E. Johnson, MD
Chicago Plastic Surgeon
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Macrolane Breast Injections not available in the US

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Macrolane breast enhancement injections are not available in the US because the FDA studies have not even started, they are not sold in US (Q-med is the company in Europe). There will be doctors doing these injections as off label use in US but I wonder where they are getting the product. Also, one must be aware that in my opinion ONLY Plastic Surgeons who have done many breast implants operations should be injectors. Call Plastic surgeon offices every 6 months to see the status.

Macrolane for breast augmentation is experimental.

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1) Clinical trials for Macrolane breast injections have not even started in the US, if they ever do. So even if they turn out to be safe and effective, availability is years away.

2) I have been a breast implant investigator, and I must say I am really skeptical of this. I completely understand your hope of avoiding surgery. But today breast implants are the only proven method of making larger, more attractive breasts.,

George J. Beraka, MD (retired)
Manhattan Plastic Surgeon


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Macrolane is not available in the US as far as I know. I do not know of any US studies going on at present with this product.

Steven Wallach, MD
New York Plastic Surgeon
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Not currrently in USA or Canada

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Macrolane, manufactured by Q-med of Sweden is not apporved by the FDA for use in the USA. Q-med also makes Restylane and Perlane which are USA-FDA apporved. It is likely that Q-med will seek USA distributuion.

There are no current clinical trials of Macrolane at

It is unknown how long FDA approval would take. It would not be unduly long since Restylane and Perlane are known to the FDA.

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