Urgent About Veneers? (photo)

Hey im 17 years old, I have an appointment on monday to get veneers or lumineers, anyway i wanted to check up on my teeth so i did, and i saw i have missing teeth on the back bottom right if you can see, and on top the right back tooth is bigger then the left back tooth what is this ?! yes my teeth are very not clean and will veeners work on my very crooked teeth ?

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Do not get Dental Veneers!

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Veneers are a wonderful and life changing procedure, but they are not for everyone.  You are not a good candidate and if you proceed with the treatment I can guarantee you that you will eventually regret the decision.  Please consider straightening your teeth with orthodontics first.  Your teeth will look great with deep bleaching/ whitening + straightening with braces or invisalign + filing the edges after straightening.  If you decide to get veneers after straightening, they will look better and last longer.

Las Vegas Dentist

Candidate for Veneers

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The veneer procedures are irreversible so you do need to be sure that you want them and that the veneers will give you the look you desire.  It appears that you have a few bite issues which could affect the longevity and success of your veneer.  I would get an orthodontic consult first but if you still want the veneers then go for it!  Good luck! 

Sarah Roberts, DMD
Atlanta Dentist

Crooked teeth and veneers

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Before you will destroy your teeth with veneers you should get the consult from an 

orthodontist who will be able to correct your bite. You need to correct not only the position of the central teeth, but the relationship between upper and lower teeth. Once enamel is removed it can`t be restored back. 

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