Urgent: Chin Hair Removal, Which Among These 3 Lasers Should I Choose?

I have a fair skin & facial hairs especially on my chin. Last year in France i started a laser treatment with the latest Alexandrite. It was pretty effective but after 4 sessions many hairs are remaining. I just arrived in India, will stay 8 months & would like to continue the treatments here but am a bit scared and don't know which option to choose! The only lasers available in delhi are Light sheer diode ET 400, Soprano and NG Yag, which do you think is safest, most effective & less painful?

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Lasers to removeFacial Hairs

All 3 lasers are effective in removing hairs as is the alexandrite laser. The Nd- yag is probably more effective in in faker skinned individuals and somewhat less so in fair skinned people like yourself. The yag is probably the least painful- probably followed by the Soprano - which is an 810 diode laser. One should not be tan when performing these laser treatments. Other techniques like the cool air chiller can also be utilized to lessen the minimal pain ,if there is any.

Long Island Dermatologic Surgeon
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Fair skin and laser hair removal

For fair skin, dark hair, is most effectively and safely removed by the light sheer diode laser. Most providers will increase the treatment settings if the hairs become refractory to treatment, as long as the energy levels are within safe parameters. Many patients need more than 8 treatments to effectively reduce their hair growth.

Ronald Shelton, MD
Manhattan Dermatologic Surgeon
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