Need an Urgent Advice Regarding my Eye Problem?

was suffering form viral cunjctivitous for more thn 20 days in both eyes. Had done normal eye check up before that & my sight was normal but after infection its .75 both the eyes .using spectaculars now but aftr 2 months ,my left eye sight is bit blur,went for check up & my doc told me there are more thn 20 scars in left eys and more thn 10 in right,he has started with GENTEAL gel and Alcon drop and 1 ointment . so want to know that will it cured? or I am I taking the right treatment? help!

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Steroid drops

It sounds like you have sub-epithelial infiltrates. These are collections of white blood cells in the cornea which can be left after an inflammatory condition. They take time to go away as there is no blood flow to the cornea. The proper treatment to speed resolution at this point is topical steroids. The Alcon drop you mentioned may be a steroid. As for the change in prescription, this can occur when the cornea is inflamed but most likely the blur you notice is from the infiltrates themselves.

New York Ophthalmologist

Viral conjunctivitis

Sound you might have suffered from EKC - Epidemic KeratoConjunctivitis. It's a severe form of viral conjunctivitis that can leave corneal scarring.  Generally the scars will fade over time but may not go away completely, therefore may slightly affect your vision.  Your doctor will be better able to give an accurate prognosis.  Aggressive lubrication and sometimes steroid drops are used to treat/alleviate symptoms.  Sounds like you are receiving correct treatment.

Inna Ozerov, MD
Long Island Ophthalmologist

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