Upset and Very Scared After Ipl. Afraid my Face is Ruined. Eyes Are Swollen Shut and Bruising.

I received ipl yesterday for a few broken capillaries on my cheeks and a couple patches of over pigmentation due to hormone replacement therapy. I am terrified at how I look after 24 hours. Please help me with some advice as to what I can do. My eyes are almost swollen shut and the bruising or burning on my cheeks is ghastly looking. This was not what I was led to expect! I'm very upset and uncertain what to do or when I will look decent again. Would love to post a pic but don't know how.

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Bruising and swelling after IPL treatment

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Some patients have more of a tendency to bruise and experience swelling than others. Vascular lesions can respond to treatment in one of four ways. They can be unchanged, blanch and disappear, turn darker then disappear over a few weeks, or the vessel is disrupted and blood spills into the adjacent tissue, leading to short term bruising. Treatment around the eye can lead to impressive looking swelling because of the nature of the soft tissue around the eye. 


Follow up with your treating physician to discuss strategies to decrease your eye swelling. Bruising will typically resolve without additional intervention.  You may wish to try Arnica, cool compresses and head elevation in the mean time.

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