Recent Upper Vermilion Lip Shortening? (photo)

7 weeks ago, I had a upper lip vermilion enhancement. It looks just terrible. My PS also did a v-y at the cupid's bow without discussing it with me beforehand. My cupid's bow is upper lip is larger than my lower. Also, I have terrible bumps along the vermilion line. My PS tells me that the bumps are the result of the deep disolvable sutures & it will get better. I don't believe him and never gave him permission to do the v-y. what can be done to improve this botched surgery

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Surgical plan

Patients should fully understand every procedure to be done. It should be discussed and the expected results as well as the scars, the complications and the cost.

Before surgery in the preop area I ask the patient to tell me what surgery or surgeries we are doing, then that is exactly what is done.

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