Upper roof of mouth sensitivity, zinging of a tooth after 2 front veneers put on 1 yr. ago. Two weeks prior I was Zoomed?

I had 2 front veneers put on 1 yrs. ago, and 2 weeks prior, I was told by my dentist,I should ZOOM first, so I did! I had 3 novicaine injections in the upper front gum, during the veneer prep and procedure! I had gum numbness and swelling for about 3 weeks. The zinging from the zoom lasted for about a week. I am having sensitivity on the upper roof of the mouth, and still getting zinging in the front 2 teeth and bottom teeth, this comes and goes! Please respond ASAP..MANY THANKS..BE SAFE TO ALL

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Teeth are "zinging" after Zoom Whitening and Porcelain Veneers

While there are many ways to minimize your negative experience. it is not uncommon for patients to report sensitivity after a professional or home whitening treatment depending on the condition of the teeth and gums prior to treatment. However the "zinging" on the upper and lower front teeth is most probably due to occlusal trauma (trauma from bite interference). Many times when veneers are placed, it is very important to adjust the porcelain to accommodate the various excursive movements different biting movements and positions) as an interference can cause the teeth to become sore or "zinging." If uncorrected this can also cause nerve damage so I would see a dentist ASAP to evaluate you including x-rays of the affected area. Many times a bite adjustment and wearing a protective nightguard for a period can help your symptoms subside.

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