I have diastasis & umbilical hernia. Is there a teaching hospital in DC, MD, VA area or other affordable option for tummy tuck?

I am 28, and I have had 3 children via c-section. I'm finished having kids. I have been to a plastic surgeon for a consult and was told I have a 3 finger separation, and surgery would be the only way to repair my stomach. I cannot afford the out of pocket price for the surgery. Is a teaching hospital a reliable option for the surgery? And are there any teaching hospitals in the DC, MD, VA area that has discounted prices for a tummy tuck? Thanks

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Reduced fee tummy tucks

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Your photo suggests you have an umbilical hernia as well as the muscle and skin damage from pregnancy corrected by a tummy tuck. The teaching hospitals in your area include Johns Hopkins, George Washington, George Town and the University of Virginia. Call their Departments of Plastic Surgery to ask about reduced fees.

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