I just had abdominalplasty 6 weeks ago and I noticed my navel was not healing right due to a stitch stuck in there. (photo)

My surgeon removed the stitch and cleaned some of the tissue for recovery. He said use both bacitracin and Neosporin. Why should I use both when Neosporin has bacitracin in it (I read that on meddr)? Why did he remove some tissue from my navel? How should I proceed differently with care if I was doing everything as instructed? My surgeon said everything looks good. I am confused and want a nice navel. Btw my tubes were tied to my navel over 25yrs ago. Does that have anything to do with it?

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Wound healing after a tummy tuck

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Its not uncommon to have minor healing problems after a tummy tuck.  Keep the area clean with soap and water and apply an ointment to maintain moisture (moist wounds heal faster; I like A+D ointment).  That is the key to wound healing.  Your surgeon can speed things along with a light debridement if necessary.  It will be fine.      

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Umbilicus issues

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Your surgeon probably removed some nonviable tissue and now you have to let it heal in.  Local wound care should do the trick.

Steven Wallach, MD
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Belly button wound healing problems

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Sorry to hear about your wound healing problems.  You are correct that Neosporin has Bacitracin in it already so I am not sure why your PS told you to use both.  You may have to ask for clarification.  As far as the final appearance of your belly button, it will take months for this to mature, but it will look better.  After it matures, it may need a minor touch-up under local anesthesia.  I'm sure your PS wants you to have a nice belly button so be sure to voice your concerns as the healing progresses.

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