Upper Malar Implants?

Had upper malar implants. Right came loose, surgeon screwed down existing implant. After 2 months, doctor said after x-ray, it shows inflammation that needs to heal for additional 6 months before considering taking out and replacing it. There is inflammation in soft tissue, but the implant also has firm areas so no way it can reduce in size. My right side looks too big. 2 kenalog injections, first 35 days ago and second last week. Observations? Replacement of right implant?

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Cheek Implant Complications

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Your cheek implant history is most unusual. I am not familiar with the need for x-rays after cheek implants, or how they can show inflammation, or the use of steroid injections around an implant because it is too big. It is unclear from your inquiry as to the exact problems you are having now. But if there is infection, looseness of the implant, or an implant that is too big, there is a need for cheek implant replacement. 

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