Concerned about positioning and excess swelling, day five. Should my upper lids be this swollen? (photo)

4 days ago i had an upper/lower bleph. doing my best not to look, but the feeling of my face being stuffed w/fluff and a breezy sensation in my eye letting me know that my lower lid isn't flush with my eyeball made me sit down in front of the mirror. 3 qs: Should my upper lids be this swollen? Should my lower lid not sit flush against my eye? Should my eyes look so uptilted? The tilt is so severe & one eye is higher than the other. Will this calm & relax typically after the swelling subsides?

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You do look rough even for 4 days out.

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It is essential for you to understand that looking "rough" does not mean that this won't heal. You are very swollen. Looking at your before photos, you have a very difficult mid face. I suspect your surgeon needed to do a bit more work in an effort to stabilize the mid face. However, I am going to predict that while this will get much, much better as your heal, you are still not going to be satisfied with the appearance of the lower eyelid as result of this surgery. The whites of your eyelid are also swollen and this is to be expected. Using artificial tears during the day and ointment at night will help moisturize the eye surface and keep them from drying out which can contribute to more conjunctival swelling. So I recommend talking with your surgeon regrading eye ointment and drops to help this situation. You are someone who might also benefit from a short course of oral steroids to help knock down the swelling. Hope these suggestions help. Please consider reposting after you have healed about 6 weeks.

Beverly Hills Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Four days too early to judge

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Everything is still swollen. Please wait a couple of weeks more. The turned out left lower eyelid may resolve on its own. If not, it may need a revision, but too early to tell.

Jeffrey Schiller, MD
Edison Oculoplastic Surgeon
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