Upper Lip Swelling and Pain?

m sanya. my upper lip has a swelling..i had used familia tablet to stop periods for only one month..because of using this tablet for the first time i think i had reaction on my lips because of this..my lips also get burned and dry..i used many lpi balms and vaseline but everything seems to be get useless on my lips..my lips are sweeleda nd dried out from 3 months..plz help me out to fix this problem how can i get rid of lip swelling..plz help needed

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Upper lip swelling and pain

It sounds as if the swelling and pain in your lip may have been due to an allergic reaction to the oral medication that you took.  I would consult with your general medical physician to be evaluated.  There may be some medications that can improve your condition.  

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Upper lip swelling and pain

Thank you for your question. The swelling and pain in your lips seems to be an allergic reaction from the oral medication you took. I recommend following up with your doctor for an evaluation and treatment. Best of Luck!

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