Can an Upper Lip Lift Be Done at the Same Time As a Face Lift?

Can an upper lip lift be donebat the same time as a facelift

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Upper lip lift

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A lip lift can easily be done at the same time as a facelift. In addition to loosing volume, the upper lip can lengthen as we age and loose the youthful contour.  Adding volume or an upper lip lift can rejuvenate the lip and return it to a more youthful position. Both procedures can be done under local anesthesia or be done at the same time as most other facial procedures.  

Upper Lip Lift Concurrent With Facelift

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Technically, both procedures can be done at the same time without influencing the outcome of either. Options for lifting the lip include the nasal base approach and the direct vermillion incision along the lip line. The vermillion incision has the greatest risk of a visible scar. With the nasal base approach the extent of the area of lift is limited by the width of the base of the nose. With either procedure, the cutaneous or skin portion of the lip is shortened so the amount of lift must be balanced with this shortening. Neither procedure adds volume. Instead this can be addressed at a later time with a filler or fat transfer.

Lip lift along with facelift can give balanced results

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Lip lifts are probably an underused operation but can be a very elegant improvement with facial rejuvenation surgery. With age, the upper lip often elongates. This is due not just to volume loss so injections with either fat or fillers doesn't always restore a natural youhful look.

Multiple face procedures at the same time

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Yes, it is very common to address all areas of the face at the same time. An upper lip lift can be done at the same time as your facelift. Patients often decide to have their eyes, brows, and fat injections for overall volume in the face improved at the same time.  Doing multiple procedures on the same day will not significantly lengthen your recovery time, and it will allow you to heal all at once and have a really nice complete result.

Jason S. Cooper, MD
Jupiter Plastic Surgeon

Performing an upper lip lift at the same time as a facelift.

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Performing an upper lip lift can be done at the same time as a facelift. This follows the same principle as tacking on other procedures while doing other facial surgery. Plus, a blepharoplasty can be performed at the same time as a facelift as well as a rhinoplasty. what is important is to make sure that the patient is medically cleared to undergo the relatively long surgery. Though the surgery may be long in time, it is relatively noninvasive therefore it does not impose too much stress upon the cardiovascular system unlike liver surgery, heart surgery lung surgery, colon surgery et cetera.

Can an Upper Lip Lift Be Done at the Same Time As a Face Lift?

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Yes, if you are an appropriate candidate for a lip lift the procedure can be performed concurrently with a facelift. These procedures work well together as the lips tend to age with the lower face and comprehensive facial rejuvenation creates the most appealing results. I hope this information is helpful.

Stephen Weber MD, FACS

Upper lip lift with facelift.problem

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These operations can be done together without any problem. Know the advantages and disadvantages of how the various lip lips are done. 

Toby Mayer, MD
Beverly Hills Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Facelift and Lip Lift at the same time

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Yes this can be done at the same time. Lip lift is done for lips that are atrophic and inverted. Lip fillers such as fat, juvaderm or silicone do not work in these type of lips because the shape of the lip is lost. The lip lift procedure restores the shape of the lip and can also be augmented later once the lips have healed. See link below.



Face Lift and Lip Lift

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Yes with a very reputable/knowledgeable board certified plastic surgeon both procedures can be perform with ease. Keep in mind to research and also make a consultation appointment so you can talk with the physician so you can ask any and all questions you have. The doctor can also let you know at that time if you are a good candidate for a lip lift as not everyone is. Be sure to also make sure you understand what the procedure consists of and that you are comfortable with your choice. “Dr. D”

Yes, Both Procedures Can Be Done at the Same Time

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Many patients undergoing a facelift undergo multiple other procedures.  Many of my patients in Charlotte commonly undergo an eyelift, chin implant, or facial fat grafting during a facelift.  As we age, the upper lip may also lengthen.  If a patient has a long lip and is undergoing a facelift, it makes perfect sense to have both procedures at the same time.  It saves the patient time, money, and it makes for an easier recovery process.  

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