What do you think about upper lip only juvederm injection? (photo)

I am think about doing just my upper lip. I consulted a doctor whom I really liked. But he suggested about injecting my vermillion border, lips ( to augment them ) and also put some juviderm on some of the skin above the upper lip? I've never heard of that before. He said it is to prevent the duck lips. What do you think?(about the skin above lip injections)

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Proper lip augmentation with Juvederm

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I rarely inject only the top lip and yes, if I do, I will put some into the border and philtral columns. Truly, when I inject I follow the natural shape of the person's lips, which in most cases means 2/3 to the bottom lip and 1/3 to the top lip, for full overall lip plumping. If you want only the top lip injected, then yes, I would suggest following your doctor's plan to avoid a "duck lip" look. However, it really depends on the natural shape and volume of your lips!

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What do you think about upper lip only juvederm injection?

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Thank you for your question. 

The photo provided shows only the top lip. Therefore, it is difficult to assess whether or not you will require product in the bottom lip. If performed by a skilled injector,  product in the columns looks great.


Martin Jugenburg, MD
Toronto Plastic Surgeon
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Upper lip only for injection

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As others have said, the normal proportion of the lips is 1/3rd upper and 2/3rds lower and when it is altered the lips look quite strange to others.  Keeping that ration is important.  Also injections should always maintain the normal contours of the lip otherwise "duck or sausage" lips result.  The injection of the central area above the upper lip helps to enhance projection of the lip and keep the upper lip from being flat, usually only a problem in older people.

Stephen Mandy, MD
Miami Dermatologic Surgeon

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Juvederm in lips

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Injecting filler in the skin above the lip can help soften "smoker's lines," the vertical lines that appear around the mouth with age (not necessarily smoking). I don't inject in the skin portion of the upper lip to prevent duck lips. Duck lips are prevented by maintaining natural ratios of the lips (lower lips should always be slightly larger than the upper lip) and avoiding the temptation to overfill. Injecting filler in the vermillion border is a nice way to accentuate your lips without adding volume per say.

Ramona Behshad, MD
Saint Louis Dermatologic Surgeon

What do you think about upper lip only juvederm injection?

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Not a bad idea. But I would be very very very conservative with you and your lips... Maybe seek another in person evaluation.

Natural-looking lip augmentation with Juvederm.

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Dear writer,  Natural-looking lip augmentation with Juvederm can certainly be accomplished. The fullness and shape of the lips that can be achieved with these fillers varies depending on the patient's goals and the physician's injection technique. For example, the patient in the picture that I have provided, had very nice volume and shape on her lower lip. Only the upper needed augmentation and specific enhancement to accomplish a symmetric look with the lower lip.
In your case, both your upper and lower lips look full and youthful. And I do agree that putting a *very very small amount of filler horizontally above the more pronounced vermilion border will help soften the transition between the raised border and the adjacent skin, thus avoiding the duck lips look and making your lips look beautiful. Best wishes from Dr. Bowes 

Upper Lip Only Juvederm Injections

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It's not uncommon to inject what are call the "philtral columns", or the two ridges that run vertically from the nose down to the center of the top lip.  This is done to prevent the lip from curling up and creasing, and yes, it prevents the dreaded "duck lip" look.  It's not always necessary, but an experienced injector will be able to determine that at the time of the consultation.  Also, you can always add more, but it's difficult to remove the product once injected, so you may opt to start with jus the vermillion boarder and then add the philtral columns later.  

Juvederm lip augmentation requires 3D imaging!

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In my office I use the Vectra 3D imaging tool to show my patients what they will look with the planned injection. They are your lips!

Manuel M. Pena, MD
Naples Plastic Surgeon

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