Upper Right Lip is Less Full/droopy and Would Like to Fix It.

I lost a tooth when I was 13 and my upper lip had changed shape. I had braces to fix my smile but it still is unsymmetrical b/c of the top upper lip is thin on one side. I am considering getting this fixed and am wondering if injections can correct this issue. I am not looking for fuller lips or lip line fixes, just a symmetrical smile. Is it possible to have this done permanently?

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Lip fullness

Lip thinness is different than a drooping lip. If one side is just thinner than the other, then you can probably have filler injected to balance the two sides.

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Lip implants can permanently improve asymetrical lips.

Without photos it is difficult to advise you exactly what can be done, but lip implants are used routinely to improve lip asymetries permanently and are easy to get and do very well.  Sincerely,


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