Can Upper Lip and Eyes Have Tingling Sensation After Extraction of Lower 2nd Molar of Same Side?

can upper lip n eyes have tingling sensation after extraction of lower 2nd molar of same side. associated symptoms pain in back of neck. if it is not coz of extraction or post la complication wat it could be.. adding more. lower tooth part is healing gradually bt tingling still persists

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Upper Lip and Eyes Tingling after extraction

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This is not all that unusual.  It really depends on how your were anesthetized.  There are a lot of different nerves that can cause the symptoms you are describing.  I would contact the oral surgeon if you are concerned.

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Upper Lip and Eyes Tingling After Lower Molar Extraction

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This is NOT a usual occurrence. It all depends where the surgeon placed the needle during injection. Go back to him and report your symptoms.

Jay Neuhaus, DDS
New York Dentist

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