Upper Lip Augmentation: Kissable, Long-lasting and Change my Shape? (photo)

I think that I want an HA from reading on RealSelf and in my upper lip only. I have read varying answers to how long these will last; some said up to one year. Can these actually change the shape of my upper lip, considering that I don't have much of one to begin with? I would really love big lips but know that they maybe wouldn't go with my face (that's why I added a picture). If someone really good does them, can they last a long time, change my shape and be big but go with my face?

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Upper Lip Augmentation with HA fillers like Juvederm

The primary benefit of HA fillers like Juvederm and Restylane is that they give natural looking results.  However, the outcome really depends on the ability of the physician to create the desired effect so that it is balanced with the rest of the patient’s face.

Results for these fillers can last up to a year. But this can vary depending on how fast the fillers are absorbed by the patient’s body.

There are different injection zones on the lip which can be enhanced to add volume and create subtle changes to the contour as needed.

If you can find pictures of shapes that appeal to you, this would help in communicating your ideal outcome to your physician.

However it is best for patients to start off with a very conservative amount of injection. After the first procedure, you can decide on what changes you would like to create. And additional filler can be added in subsequent stages. Results are more likely to coincide with the lip size and shape that you want.

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Upper Lip Augmentation: Kissable, Long-lasting and Change my Shape?

  Good points and questions.  IMHO there is a strict aesthetic proportion of full, attractive lips that must be met when using fillers or lip implants for lip augmentation.  From the photos, fillers like Restylane or Juvederm can be used to improve the size and shape of your upper lip but an Alloderm Lip Implant would be far superior in increasing the size of that lip.  Lip fillers last between 6 and 9 months while Alloderm lasts about 7 years.  Be sure that the MD you choose for your lip augmentation understands and follows the proper aesthetics of facial (and lip) beauty for the creation of full, attractive lips.  

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Beautiful shapely lips are easier than you think!

Fillers do great at changing shapes and can last 6-9 months on the average for rougly $550/syringe but Lip Implants give that permanent improvement. We can even do both fillers and implants together to accomplish those gorgeous lips. Lip implants are easy to put in and done under local anesthesia in under 20 minutes and can be removed easily if you wish.  They run roughly $1500-2000 per implant and you can drive yourself  and go to work the next day although you will have some swelling and bruising possible for about 5 days but not too bad.  They are a big improvement over silicon injections which can cause lumps, bumps and granulomas.  Sincerely,

David Hansen,MD

David Hansen, MD
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Lip augmentation with hyaluronic acid fillers can last more than a year

I have seen results from lip enhancement injections with hyaluronic acid fillers (Juvederm or Restylane) last for two to three years but it will vary from person to person. These fillers are used to increase volume or replace lost volume. They can define the vermilion borders and create a more youthful curl, elevate and lift the corners of the mouth, and correct vertical wrinkle lines. They can restore the natural contour of the upper and lower lip and enhance the Cupid’s bow area. Because this is an art as much as it is a science, it is especially important to remember that the experience and technique of your physician injector is the most critical part to your achieving a beautiful, natural result. You can follow the video link below to see me injecting my wife’s lips with Restylane. It was not until 4 years later that she needed only a minor touch-up!

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Lip augmentation

The general shape of your lip will stay the same but the lips over all volume can be augmented and varied according to your goals.  The HA fillers can last 6 months to a year.

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