Solution for Upper Jaw, Nose to Lip Area Protrusion?

My daughter had lower and upper jaw surgery to correct an underbite 4 months ago. Her upper jaw now looks as though it protrudes, and the surgeon said it is because she has a long space between her nose and upper lip. It looks all wrong. We never noticed this before the surgery. She is desperately unhappy.

Do you think they have moved the upper jaw too far forward to correct the underbite?? Can anything be done to correct this??

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There are objective methods to assess the results of orthognathic surgery.

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If the teeth are in alignment that the jaw has been moved the proper amount.

It may be that surgical swelling is causing some of the persistent fullness or you are not accustomed to this new look.

You can always seek evaluation by another surgeon and contemplate a cephalometrogram or panorex

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