Is Upper Gum Lengthening Possible To Make My Upper Teeth Show When I Smile?

When I smile my upper teeth don't seen. Actually they do, but just a little bit. I think gum lengthening will help. So, I wonder Is upper gum lengthening possible?

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Jaw surgery

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If your teeth are covered by your lips, then the best option would be to reposition your upper jaw and bring it down. Perhaps, your upper jaw did not grow down and forward as it should have. If long crowns or veneers are placed, they would look un-natural and eventually fracture.

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Gum lengthening?

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If teeth don't show enough there can be several reasons:  lip length, gum length, and tooth length.  These each have different treatments or can require combinations of care.  Go to your dentist and discuss these options and you may also need to see a gum specialist, known as a periodontist, to evaluate your tissues.  Good luck,  I just completed a case like this, that now makes the patient's smile look gorgeous.

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