Why Would Upper Eyelids Look Less Pronounced or Hooded?

Everyone says that as you age, your eyelids usually begin to droop. I'm having the opposite problem. My left eyelid has become less hooded with the crease higher than the right and into the socket more. Any ideas?

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Why Would Upper Eyelids Look Less Pronounced or Hooded?

As we age our eyebrows tend to droop and our eyelids develop more laxity which can make us look tired and make the eyes appear smaller. It is possible, if your eyelid crease is rising, that you're developing a problem referred to as ptosis. This is due to changes in the eyelid elevating muscle. An ophthalmologist should evaluate your eyes and determine whether you have a ptosis, the cause and how to best manage this issue. It is important to note that a standard upper blepharoplasty or eyelid lift will not fix an eyelid ptosis. I hope this information is helpful.

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