If you have an infection post op how long should the doctor wait to remove the stitches after upper bleph?

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Infection and suture removal

If you have an infection, which is very rare with a blepharoplasty, sometimes sutures are removed in spots to allow the egress of the bacteria or pus.

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Suture removal

Dear Tessy D,

     Luckily, infections after blepharoplasty are very rare, and fortunately, many clear up with a short course of oral antibiotics.  Certainly we would want the wound to heal before sutures were removed, but occasionally the sutures themselves can get infected, or be the source of infection or inflammation.  In that case they may need to be removed earlier  (or possibly even replaced with another kind).  Please see you surgeon right away, if you haven't already and let he or she evaluate and suggest the next step.

Good luck

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Upper blepharoplasty postoperative infection

Dear tessy d,

If you have an infection along the incision line post blepharoplasty, the sutures should only be removed after you have healed from the infection and the wound has closed.  This should be monitored by your surgeon.  You may also be having a reaction to the sutures themselves, so you if you haven't already, you need to follow with your surgeon quickly to discern whether you are experiencing an infection or reaction. Best of Luck, Dianne M. Schlachter, MD, Oculoplastic Surgeon, Southfield, MI.

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Infection after eyelid surgery

Fortunately infection is very unusual with eyelud surgery.  It is not unusual to have some inflammation which might mimic an actual infection. You should return to your surgeon to gave appropriate management.

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