10 Days Post Upper Eyelid Surgery. Woke Up With Asymmetry, and Droopiness. Options? (photo)

I had my upper eye lids done on 4/17. They were both looking equal and good up until 2 days ago. I went to bed and woke up with my left eye lid lower then my right. It is drooping and covering the top most portion of my iris. I am really worried and am going to see my surgeon this Monday. What could have possibly caused this change? Will it go back, or is it permanently droopy? Can it be fixed with a revision?

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Everything can be revised.

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A better question is:"Will this heavy eyelid persist?  You are so early from surgery and the left eyelid looks swollen, my advice is give yourself time to heal.  How you look today may not be how you look 2 months after the procedure.  Issues that persist, yes these can be revised.  The take home message is that so many immediate post-operative issues including asymmetry diminish as you heal.

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Upper Eyelid Surgery and Assymetry during Healing

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The left eye is noticeably lower than the right in the photo. You should followup with your eyelid surgeon to make sure that everything is healing okay and to address any concerns you have as it heals. It is still early, so the asymmetry might be due to swelling and swelling can last up to several weeks.

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10 Days Post Upper Eyelid Surgery. Woke Up With Asymmetry, and Droopiness. Options?

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 You really should go back and speak with the plastic and cosmetic surgeon that did your Eyelid Surgery as he/she knoiws what was done and should be the one managing your post-op course.  

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Be patient

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If you notice and obvious and sudden change from one night to the next morning, its possible that a suture may have slipped [depending on the technique used by the surgeon], though this is less likely.

Definitely see you surgeon again and discuss this change. Revision can always be done late as well.

Good luck

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Eyelid asymmetry after eyelid surgery.

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To best answer this question, I would need to see a pre-operative photo.  You may have had some asymmetry before the operation.  Likely this is secondary to post surgery swelling and will self correct over time. Your surgeon can help you through this so you should follow his advice and directions.

10 Days Post Upper Eyelid Surgery. Woke Up With Asymmetry, and Droopiness. Options?

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Your posted photo shows a traumatic ptosis. This is assuming your befores of the eyelids were symmetrical. I can tell you to be patient this should correct in time, but I realize your are very upset. I recommend an immediate visit with your surgeon to discuss and form a treatment plan. There are eye drops that can help, also in person reassurances help. Best 

Concerned about Asymmetry!

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Relax and be patient, you are only 10 days out, you have some residual swelling and if things were even initially, odds are when the swelling resolves things will go back to even, relax, and follow your surgeons instructions.

Jonathan Weiler, MD
Baton Rouge Plastic Surgeon
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