Upper Eyelid Surgery - Much Skin Removed?

A month ago I had upper eyelid surgery and my eyes don't look good. The eyelids are still burning red. The right corner is A -frame type of deformity, the skin is tight and pulls my eyelid down. I am waiting for my surgeon to come back from vacation to see it. Please look at the pics and and give me some advises if and how my problem could be fixed. I really appreciate your answers since I am very devastated with this problem.

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Upper eyelid surgical results

Your situation could be within normal for reaction to the healing and settling of upper eyelids after blepharoplasty although it's more prolonged than average. I agree that eye surface, conjunctiva, and inflammatory problems should be checked and treated appropriately. Another one is that the eyes don't stay closed at night and require temporary taping. These issues will prolong the look and symptoms you describe but should be resolvable. The main problem with upper lids is taking out too much skin. This can also cause problems, an artificial looking result, and has no easy surgical correction, but does tend to settle out by stretching the thin skin of the upper eyelid. The lower lid will generally not self-correct from excessive skin removal. 

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Pain and burining in eyes following blepharoplasty (eyelid surgery)

YOur scars are red which is not unusual one month after surgery and may continue this way for another 2 weeks before softening. The burning is unusual and shoudl be evaluated for corneal abrasion or keratoconjunctivitis sicca. You may want to see an ophthalmologist for this. Topical scar massage may help but I would discuss with your surgeon.

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Eyelids sugery

Red scars shortly after surgery is common. This should get better over the next few months.  As for the eye irritation, you should have this evaluated.

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