Raised Scar After Upper Eyelid Surgery 6 Months Ago

I had upper eyelid surgery 6 mo ago .... the scars have mostly disappeared except at one spot which is the closest point to the inside corner of the eye. The scar is raised and it can be seen because it isn't in the crease of my eyelid. Could potentially fade or should I ask for a fix?

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Blepharoplasty scar revision.

If it's minor but still unsatisfactory at this 6-month period, consider waiting a year before revising it. If it's very obvious, it would not be unreasonable to do a scar revision this early. As for steroid injections? Possibly riskier and less predictable in the delicate and already thin skin of the eyelid than an in-office scar tweak under local. Discuss with your surgeon.

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Upper eyelid scar after blepharoplasty

Most upper eyelid scars disapper within a year. If it is tethered along the inside part, it may need to be treated. I would recommend you reconsult your surgeon and get his opinions. If treatment is necessary often laser treatments or topical medications can help and in some cases the scar may need to be excised and resutured. I hope this information helps.

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Scar after uppr bleph

Sometimes scars become hypertrophic.  These can sometimes be treated successfully with steroids.  Sometimes a scar revision is necessary.

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Raised Scar on Medial Upper Eye Lid 6 Months Post-Blepharoplasty


Consult with your blepharoplasty surgeon.  It may be worth injecting a few times with a mild steroid solution.  If it persists then a small scar revision would be in order.

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Scar after upper eyelid surgery 6 months ago

Photo would have helped but I would request a revision or steroidal injections.


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A raised scar after blepharoplasty surgery might benefit from a dilute Kenalog (triamcinolone) injection.

If you have a raised scar by the nasal portion of your incision, this may improve with a dilute injection of the anti-inflammatory steroid triamcinolone. You should leave scar revision as a last resort since scarring in this area can worsen with additional surgery.

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