Upper eyelid skin graft?

Want to ask more about my previous question. Had upper eyelid skin graft done 1 mth ago to lengthen my eyelids about 3mm so i have better eye closure,but the result was very bad. It just changed my identity! The eye closure doesnt improve. I consider to remove the grafts, when can it be done?Some surgeons told me the grafts can be removed in 3 months. Is it too soon to do that?Can I restore my previous eyes after remove? I really hate the graft. I've decided to remove them. Just want to when?

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Eyelid skin grafts

require time to heal and smooth out and if you do remove them, you will return to your pre-op situation where you cannot close your eyes. A photo would help considerably and generate more responses to your concerns. Trust your surgeon to want to do the best job for you and achieve the desired outcome.

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