If I need upper eyelid scar correction, what type of Surgeon is best for this? Scar revision specialist or Oculoplastic Surgeon?

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There is no 'best' surgeon when it comes to scar revisions...

as scar revisions involve fundamental concepts of what to do and what not to do.  You can certainly see a doctor from each specialty to see if anything differs but it amuses me how some doctors want to say they are the best when there is really no best in this situation.

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Best Eyelid Surgeon - Facial Plastic Surgeon or other

In terms of the eyelid region, any of the above specialties would be a good decision.  In this instance, I would focus my search on the surgeon that has an aesthetic focus.  That is, I would be more inclined to see a Facial Plastic Surgeon who specializes in  cosmetic surgery than reconstructive surgery. 

Ask to see results or at least hear from patients who have undergone other blepharoplasties (upper eyelid procedures.)

A scar revision of the upper eyelid incision should be straight forward and you should expect an excellent outcome.

Jon E. Mendelsohn, MD
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What surgeon is best for eyelid surgery.

Many of the major contributions to the literature of aesthetic eyelid surgery over many years have been made and continue to be made by plastic surgeons. The specialties of facial plastics and occuloplastics are more recent  sub-specialties historically speaking and represent the entry of ENT and opthalmology into the field of plastic surgery. They too now contribute a great deal to the literature regarding plastic surgery of the eyelids. Facial plastic surgeons are ENT surgeons and Occuloplastic surgeons are opthalmologists, as each of these do a one year fellowship adding some plastics training to the end of their standard residency. Plastic surgeons have three years of comprehensive plastics training (including eyelids) integrated into a five year program, or they do three years and sometimes four years of plastics after completing general surgery, orthopedics, or ENT. Therefore all three types of surgeons are fine as long as you find one who is experienced in eyelid surgery and all three types of surgeons have practitioners who do a lot of eyelid surgery. For example, you wouldn't want to go to a plastic surgeon who does primarily breast surgery, a facial plastic surgeon who does mainly noses , or an occuloplastic surgeon who specializes in orbital surgery for thyroid problems. In each arena you will find surgeons with various interests or subspecializations. I would start by asking your medical doctor who in your area has the most experience with correcting eyelid surgery complications regardless of what is on their certificate on the wall.   

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Upper Eyelid Scar Revision?

Upper eyelid incisions usually heal beautifully.  Any well respected Facial Plastic Surgeon, Occuloplastic Surgeon, or Plastic Surgeon who performs a lot of eyelid surgery should be able to suit your needs.

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Eyelid surgery

I would recommend seeing a facial plastic surgeon or an Oculoplastics surgeon. Either is fine. I would request to see other cases like yours.

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