Upper Eyelid Retraction Surgery - Lid Set Too Low - What Do I Do?

11 days ago I had upper eyelid surgery for eyelid retraction. Eye was showing above retina. In any case, something was done to Muller's muscle and the doctor reset the eyelid to equal height. Now its looking like it is too low - droopy. I feel sick to my stomach because its still swollen, so that could be reason, but I have a bad, bad feeling its the setting. So question, once swelling goes down is it possible for eyelid to move up? What should I do? Doc is not helpful.

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Eyelid retraction

I think that your issue is one of swelling. The eyelid can get quite swollen and a little fluid can weigh heavy on the weak tissues. Your surgery was a quite invasive one compared to other eyelid procedures so your swelling will take some time. I think you will see that as time passes, it will get better. The frequent blinking of the eyelid can prolong the time it takes, so resting your eyes closed whenever possible might help.

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