Only One Upper Eyelid Drooping 8 Days After Blepharoplasty

I underwent blepharoplasty (upper eyelids only) and a brow lift 8 days ago. The brow and one eyelid are looking great. However, the other eyelid appears to be drooping quite a bit. Is it normal for the two eyelids to look very different 8 days after surgery?

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You should probably just wait

You should probably just wait.  You really can’t tell the full result of blepharoplasty until about 3 months after surgery—it takes at least that long for the healing process to be complete and for all swelling to resolve.  There are some eye drops that can sometimes help to lift the lid a little such as alphagan, but usually a droopy lid will lift after blepharoplasty.  You don’t want to attempt anymore surgery until after 3 months.  Sometimes the trauma of surgery can shock the muscle causing it to droop, but it will return back to its normal level after healing.

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Wait for final results

Yes, it is almost the norm. Just be patient and everything should equalize and settle down. You probably had more bleeding, swelling on the one side.

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