Upper Eye Lid Drooping Post Surgery?

I had PRP fat graft 9 days ago for lower eye lid retraction post plephroplasty Surprising my lower eye lid retraction is corrected but I have new swelling in the upper eye lid at the medial can thus as well as new onset upper eyelid drooping Can u explain for me what did happen and what I should do Thanks

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Upper Eyelid Swelling after Fat Grafting for Lower Eyelid Retraction

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   Fat grafting improved your lower eyelid retraction.  That is wonderful.  However, swelling after fat transfer is common and may make take several weeks to months to completely resolve.

Lower eyelid surgery

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Dear nonaalamorah,

  • The swelling in the lower eyelids can act like a dam that keeps swelling around longer where it can back up in the upper eyelids
  • If it hurts, looks red, or feels warm, please see your doctor ASAP
  • If it is improving, it will continue to do so

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Nima Shemirani

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