Upper Drooping Lids 16 Days After Surgery

I got double eyelid surgery 16 days ago. Swelling went down considerably, however , my eyelid is still droopy and puffy. I'm not satisfied with the result. Should I wait more longer? Will it get better?

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Eyelid Results Can Take 2-3 Months For Final Result

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The recovery process for eyelid surgery can vary with each patient, but in general, it can take 2-3 months for everything to settle into its new position.  It is not unusual for patients to complain about some excess tissue a week or two afterwards.  All the swelling that goes on stretches the skin a litlle, so after it goes away, it can take a few weeks for it to rebound into a tighter placement.  Be patient, and give your self a good 2 months of healing before you make any decisions about the final result.  I hope this helps.

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