Lower blepharoplasty did not help, what can I do?

I have lower blepharoplasty 4 months ago and I look 95% the SAME. The only thing it mildly helped was removed a small amount of puff. It did nothing for the bags and loose skin. I am extremely disappointed! I feel I wasted my money. Is there anything else I can do to surgically correct my under eye sag and puff? No, it is NOT allergies either and I know the "darkness" will not be fixed with surgery, it is the "sag" that is the major issue.

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Pictures would help

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sorry you are disappointed. It could be that more fat should be removed or transposed, a pinch of skin taken, or filler injected.  Pictures of before and afters would be beneficial.

Lower Blepharoplasty Revision?

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Thank you for your question!  I advise you to consult with your original PS who preformed your procedure, and see what the steps to getting the result you desire are.  Best of luck!

Dr Dhaval Patel

Double Board Certified 

Plastic Surgeon


Hoffman Estates

Oak Brook

Poor result after surgery

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First I would go back to the surgeon who did the procedure and show your concerns. They will know what procedure they did and what may or may not resolve. Without photos it is difficult to give an opinion on if a revision blepharoplasty would be necessary. I usually wait 6 months before any revision surgery to make sure all swelling has resolved.

Byron A. Long, MD
Marietta Oculoplastic Surgeon
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Revision lower blepharoplasty

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Hi. I am sorry that you are not happy with your result. If you still have excess skin and fat (puffiness), then you can probably have a revision blepharoplasty. Obviously, photos, or preferably an in person examination, is needed to determine if this is an option. While 4 months is a long time, I prefer to wait at least 6 months before considering a revision. Hope this helps. Best regards, Ira Vidor, M.D.

Ira Vidor, MD
Newport Beach Oculoplastic Surgeon

Blepharoplasty issue

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At four months you may be a bit swollen still. I would give it a good 6 months to year before deciding to do anything else like a revision. Best of luck.

Problems after blepharoplasty

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First of all, I would highly recommend discussing your concerns with your surgeon. Second of all, I have seen many patients take a full six months for all swelling to resolve. During that time, wrinkles can actually look worse, so I'd give it a little more time. After six months, I'd recommend a personal consultation so your particular anatomy can be appreciated, and a customized treatment plan can be created. You may need some skin removed from the lower eyelid or a laser resurfacing. You may need additional fat removed from the lower lid, and / or you may need additional volume below the lower lid in the form of fat or filler.

Andrew Campbell, M.D.

Facial Rejuvenation Specialist

Quintessa Aesthetic Centers

Andrew Campbell, MD
Milwaukee Facial Plastic Surgeon
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4 months after Blepharoplasty

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I empathize with your frustration.  Blepharoplasty can be a challenging surgery, but if the correct approach is used, you should see a noticeable difference.  If the "puff" below the eyelids is due to excessive fat and/or hollowing due to loss of fat, then some minor procedures can be done to achieve the desired results.  Often times, there is loose skin that can be addressed with either a skin pinch or a chemical peel.  You may want to discuss these issues with your surgeon and see what options you have ahead of you.

If you decide to get another opinion, make sure they specialize in the Face and NOTHING else.

Hope this helps.

Repeat lower blepharoplasty ?

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I am sure something can be done but I need to see photo of your eyes to tell what the problem is and what treatment option you have. If you don't want to post photos, contact an oculoplastic surgeon directly.


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You should certainly see a noticeable difference after a lower blepharoplasty. It is certainly hard to give you too specific advice without seeing pictures or knowing what technique was used. Some surgeons only work from inside the lid and others take an approach from the outside allowing for tightening both the muscle and skin of the lower eyelid. So to tell you why exactly you did not achieve your goals I would need more information but I can tell you for sure that the result can be achieved with the right technique. 

Ravi Dahiya, MD
Washington Facial Plastic Surgeon
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Whats left??

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Thank you for your question, sorry the results did not meet your expectations.  If you could provide photos that should help to explain your condition.  The "sag" could be due to malar festoons that does require additional treatments to address the swollen, fluid filled tissue.  Pleas see your surgeon for assessment and referral to a qualified surgeon. Good luck.

Paul E. Goco, MD
Nashville Facial Plastic Surgeon
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