Upper body life and brachioplasty scars review: are steri-strips better than glue? (photo)

I had brachio pasty and upper body lift on December 10. Do you find that steri-strips are better than glue? My glue is coming undone, should I have my surgeon re stitch and glue the parts coming undone? And do you feel like my back scar is improving in time?

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There is More Than One Way to a Good Result with Your Brachioplasty

Taking tension off of scars can result in a less visible long term result.  Steri-strips or  taping can transmit some of the tension across the tape rather than the healing incision. This seems to create scars thatare not as thick and not as red.  Clue may do the same thing, though I have nevr seen any scientific reports.  Time is a good salve for all scars.

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