Post-op Bleph Abscess?

I Had Upper Blepharoplasty 6 Weeks Ago. Three weeks ago I had pus collect under the incision line on my right eyelid. The nurse drained the pus and said that it's probably due to a retained stitch. A week later the pus returned and the doctor placed me on PCN for 7 days. It seemed to respond nicely to the antibiotic until one week after d/c the med and the pus has returned again. Doctor felt it was either abcess from sutures although he felt unlikely since it's so far out from surgery or makeup infecting incision line. What to do?

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Bleph Abscess

First, continue to follow your surgeon's instructions.  Second since one round of antibiotics did not solve the issue the the pus needs to be cultured to make sure the bacteria can be identified and the specific antibiotics for that bacteria can be used. Warm soaks may be helpful and possibly re-exploration of the incision.

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Abcess in lower eyelid

the time course is worrisome for a mycobacterial infection. if simple maneuvers don't work then a culture is mandatory including AFB culture. drainage is always proper. I would get a culture immediately because it can take weeks to grow.

Rafael C. Cabrera, MD
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Post Blepharoplasty Abscess

Abscesses are theoretically possible after ANY operation but I have never had one in my practice nor seen one in my training. They are VERY uncommon. The fact that the abscess came back means that EITHER what caused it was not removed, that it was not drained fully or that the antibiotics used were not specific for the bacteria causing the abscess and therefore could not cure it. I would make sure you see the surgeon NOT his nurse and make sure he has a definite plan on how to manage and reverse this situation. Good Luck. Dr. Peter Aldea

Peter A. Aldea, MD
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