How to Know How an Upper Blepharoplasty Will Look Before Doing Surgery?

Can the patient help choose how an upper blepharoplasty will look? i.e. can the patient direct the md to do a low crease bleph vs a high crease bleph? I see many after photos where the patient does not look "rejuvenated" as much as they look "very different"

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Truly a great question.

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Many patients are very unhappy with the results of their upper eyelid surgery.  They simply assumed that they and their surgeon were on the same wavelength during the consultation.  It was not until after surgery that they realize that what they were hoping for and what was actually accomplished at surgery were two very different things.  The most common sins for upper  blepharoplasty are making the upper eyelid incision too high, removing too much or all of the natural upper eyelid fold, drooping of the upper eyelid due to ptosis caused by surgical damage to the levator aponeurosis, removal of too much fat, failure to correct ptosis surgery surgery.  I could go on but you get the idea.  It is critical that you communicate with your potential surgeon and have a very clear idea of what upper eyelid surgery will accomplish.  I use a lid folder to show patients where the upper eyelid fold will sit after surgery, I use eyedrops to change the position of the upper eyelid if ptosis correction is planned at the time of eyelid surgery.  Always, less surgery is much better that too aggressive upper eyelid surgery.

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Upper eyelid surgery results

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Look at before and after photos and discuss what you want in detail.  Most surgeons have a routine when it comes to surgery which they follow in every patient.  They remove a measured amount of skin and fat.  This will work in most cases, but not all.  You need to be sure your surgeon is customizing your surgery for you and what you want the outcome to be.  The only way to ensure this is to press for answers on how he/she plans to address what you see as the problem. 

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How to Know How an Upper Blepharoplasty Will Look Before Doing Surgery?

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Do what the previous consultants have advised, and then the most important....look at several of your surgeon's post op phots to see if his idea of an attractive lid is the same as yours. If not, go to another surgeon.

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Patient choice for upper lid incision

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It is important for patient and surgeon to be on the same page prior to any surgery.  The surgeon should demonstrate where the incision will be for upper lid bleph., and the patient should agree.  If there is no agreement, discussion should ensue.

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