I Got Upper Blepharoplasty 10 Days Ago to Fix my Droopy Eyelids? (photo)

I'm twenty years old, and the sutures which are now supposed to be the creases are failing to lift my eyelid. So my eyes look exactly the same only now there are scars in the middle of them. I'm a bit worried, will my eyelids lift where the crease has been placed once I have completely recovered?

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You are very early from the surgery.

However, I share your concern that the surgery may not open the eyes.  I am of course not privy to what your eyes looked like before surgery nor do I have any information regarding what was done at the time of surgery.  Ptosis surgery is complicated and inexact.  Presumably your ptosis surgeon was a board certified ophthalmologist with speciality training in pediatric ophthalmology or oculoplastic surgery.  That is not to say that a surgeon with different training can't perform ptosis surgery.  It is just that to quote a very famous oculoplastic surgeon and director of an oculoplastic surgery fellowship: "Ptosis surgery is Hell."  Outside of these two specialties, the amount of ptosis surgery experience that a surgeon brings to correcting ptosis surgery can be distinctly more limited.  Even with everything going for a surgeon and a particular patient, this is a humbling problem to fix.  At this point, you are not over corrected.  Your best bet is to let the eyelids heal for 6 to 12 months before considering what more can be done for your situation.  Hopefully things will improve, if not, you need to be much more careful in deciding where to go for a future surgery to address the upper eyelids.

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Droopy eyelids after eyelid surgery

It always impossible for a  "Real Self"doctor to completely answer a "recovery question" with such limited information so your own surgeon is your best source of information, reassurance, and discussion about your results.

The photos show minimal blepharoptosis in the right upper lid and moderate blepharoptosis in the left with high lid creases on both sides. Although there may be some swelling asymmetry this type of  drooping  would not be expected to improve with a traditional skin/fat removal blepharoplasty and would require specific upper lid muscle procedures. Along with your age and high brow position, and particularly if your up- gaze lid movement is limited, the findings suggests congenital ptosis that is commonly under corrected requiring a touch up procedure even by experienced surgeon usually within a week or two after the swelling has stabilized.

There is also a significant lower lid  deformity causing scleral exposure and bowing of the lower lid margin which is a big part of the overall "droopiness" in the eyelid area  that has not been addressed. Were your eyes bulging before surgery? Has your thyroid function been tested?



C. Dennis Bucko, MD
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Eyelid surgery

It is too early to tell. Your eyelids are still swollen, and you cannot judge the result until the swelling goes down.

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10 days after blepharoplasty

It is still fairly early to judge what you'll look like.  If your eyelids were droopy before surgery, there should have been something done to address this, in addition to the blepharoplasty, such as advancing the muscle that raises the lid.  I'd discuss it with your surgeon and give yourself at least 6 weeks from surgery before making any decisions.  An oculoplastic surgeon is usually most familiar with ptosis repair (droopy eyelid repair).

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