Upper and lower eyelift surgery 2 weeks ago. Why are the incisions in different places? Does it mean I need a revision? (Photo)

Upper/Lower Eyelift Surgery 2wks ago. From day one I saw the incision was more straight out compared to other. Not sure they will heal looking the same because the incisions are in diff. places. Stitch was untied in 3 days and bulging. I think a revision is necessary. Being treated like I know nothing after surgery. Its my face, I model for a living. Evident to me the scar will never go into the crease and it should have gone down lower to get the rest of the skin instead of straight out.

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Don't make the mistake of bouncing from one surgery to another.

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Eyelid surgery is over trivialized.  I do not know who your surgeon is.  However placing the upper eyelid incisions too high is a very common event based on incorrect information in the general plastic surgery literature.  This leads to over excision of the upper eyelid folds which is a critically important feature for looking youthful and natural.  Most people do not understand this unless they get an overly aggressive upper eyelid surgery.  The higher crease on the left side is classic for a right handed surgeon.  That does not excuse this.  The challenge is that most people do not even know what to look for in an eyelid surgeon.  Once you have an issue, it is all too common for the surgeon and the office to circle the wagon and blame you for being overly picky-not nice and not right.  You need to heal.  You need to really heal.  If you really make a living modeling, you made a big mistake choosing this particular surgeon.  What you received is a very standard eyelid surgery result.  There are just a handful of truly great aesthetic eyelid surgeons in the world.  What can be done for your particular situation?  As painful as this may be to hear, you need to heal 6 to 12 months.  Right now you are probably ready to jump back on the operating room table.  However, you will heal and you will look better over time.  At that point you can make rational decisions about how best to proceed.  If you become depressed over this ( a pretty normal and understandable reaction), consider getting psychological help.   Yes, it is ok to get second opinions but now is a bit early.  Your money is better spent  on these once you have healed about 2 months.  

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Upper and lower eyelift surgery 2 weeks ago. Why are the incisions in different places? Does it mean I need a revision?

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ONLY 2 WEEKS!!!! Allow 3 months healing before even considering any more surgery. Also best for face to face with your surgeon to understand what exactly went on... 

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