I Had Upper and Lower Bleph 4 Months Ago and my Vision Has Been Badly Affected?

I have been to opthalmologist and he thinks it is due to the scars tightening around the eyes although he indicated that it should have resolved by now. I had 20/20 vision before surgery as I had just been tested. I am now very longsighted (plus 1 dioptre) in both eyes. Astigmatism is also worse in one eye. Am I likely to improve or is this as good as it gets? There does not seem to be much out there on this problem. My eyes look good and the optholmologist tested me for everything.

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Eyelid surgery can affect vision.

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The truth is that a bit of eyelid tightness can affect the astigmatism of the eyes.  A bit of pressure in the eyelid presses against the cornea which can affect the corneal shape.  This is all that it takes to affect the vision.  Glasses can correct this but are a pain if you don't normally wear glasses.  You are 4 months out.  It is natural to ask if this issue will be permanent.  It may be.  Your ophthalmologist could actually track the astigmatism to determine if it is changing over time.  If the measure is less at each visit then you will know it is getting better.  Will it resolve fully? It may not.  At that point, your ophthalmologist can discuss options for you.  I strongly recommend waiting a full year before doing anything other than changing the prescription for your glasses.

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Give it Time

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It is unlikely that your vision issue is a result of blepharoplasty.   Follow up with your Plastic Surgeon and an Opthomologist for correction.

Robert E. Zaworski, MD
Atlanta Plastic Surgeon
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Wait a year

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If all you did was blepharoplasty, than the effect on that you are describing [1 diopter of farsightedness] is extremely unusual, and to be honest, unlikely due to the surgery. How old are you? If your in your late 30's or above, it is possible that you are now entering the age where you will need glasses. This is especially true if you are a "latent hyperope". This means that you have been farsighted your whole adult life, but because you were young, you could compensate. Once a latent hyperope gets to their late 30's, this ability diminishes. Its possible that the timing of your surgery coincided with this event.

It is possible that very slight changes of astigmatism may be due to eyelid surgery, though this is most common with ptosis surgery and not as much with blepharoplasty.

I would agree that you should not do any further surgery. Scars will soften up to about a year after surgery.

A.J. Amadi, MD
Seattle Oculoplastic Surgeon
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