Had Upper and Lower Bleph Last Week What is This Knot on Left Side Near Brow? (photo)

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Had Upper and Lower Bleph Last Week What is This Knot on Left Side Near Brow?

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This may just be swelling and laxity or extra skin can be assessed at a later date.  Kenneth Hughes, MD Los Angeles, CA

Small lateral bump after upper lid blepharoplasty will probably heal without treatment.

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The skin of the upper lid is loose and can contain a lot of swelling which can lead to contour irregularities. If you're lateral bump is due to swelling will go away. If it's due to gathering up of skin this is referred to as a "dog ear" and will require a minor surgical revision.

Early irregularity after blepharoplasty

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It is common to notice irregularity of blepharoplasty incisions, especially in the immediate post-operative period.  These often resolve as swelling disipates over the next week or so.  Talk with your plastic surgeon regarding this during your follow up visits.  While a minor revision of the lateral area is not uncommon after blepharoplasty, it is too soon to make any judgement regarding this.

Stephen D. Duffy, MD
Myrtle Beach Plastic Surgeon

Upper bleph knot

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Hi Jewls, 

that is an interesting photo, how many days post surgery are you? Also was this Photo taken int he morning after getting up or toward the end of the day?

Your incision has been closed by a dissolvable subcuticular running suture and tied at the lateral extent where you have the lump.

The lump is either 1) a local suture reaction, 2) seroma / haematoma 3)cyst. Without feeling it, it impossible to clarify further. 

I would comment that at one week you do still look rather oedematous, If you were my patient, I would ask my staff to perform manual lymphatic drainage and place you under a infra red/ near infra red LED light daily for a few days.

Kind regards



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