Upper and Lower Blep Surgery. Hematoma to Left Orbit. Swelling and Lagopthalmous?

Had a bleed to the left orbit 4 weeks ago, 1 week after the surgery. I have been to the opthamologist and she said I have lagopthalmous in that left eye.Eyes look almost even when open except for ongoing swell and bruise from trauma above crease and brow. Santa Monica Homeopathic Pharmacy sent swell remedies. My cosmetic surgeon is very competent.Taught & is a cranial facial specialist. Can I benefit from blinking my eyes deeply as exercises? Is it maybe temporary, the lack of closure? Common?

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Bleeding after eyelid surgery

Bleeding into the orbit after eyelid surgery can be dangerous, but it sounds like you are getting excellent care. It can take several months for the hematoma to reabsorb completely, so I wouldnt worry too much about asymmetries for now. If the eye is not closing completely, this should be followed by your ophthalmologist and treated with topical lubricants as needed. Give your eyes several months to heal.

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