Upper Abdominal Pain, Pain on the Right Side of the Tummy and Close Belly Botton on the Right, is This Normal?

I had surgery on July 27, 2012, six weeks ago. Every week I experienc a new symptom or pain, on week six is this uncomfortable pain on my upper ab on the right side of my tummy and close to my belly button. The swelling is there every day and that is the one thing that I can't wait to have go away, it is a nagging uncomfortable feeling 24/7. Yes, I experience the poking of the needles in different areas, I experience the sourness, like I have done 2,0000 abs, but now this pain. Can you help me?

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The best person to give you an adequate advice on what is going on is your surgeon. In our practice we tell our patients that it takes 6-9 months for you to feel completely normal after a surgery like that.


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Symptoms after 6 weeks.

The only way we can help is to suggest that you cal your surgeon and be seen for evaluation. There are many symptoms that occur after this type of surgery, and they vary from patient to patient. 

If there is swelling, there is the possibility of a fluid collection that would need to be drained. Only your surgeon can  figure this out.


Best wishes.

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