Upper Abdomen Swelling 8 Months After Tummy with Lipo - Need More Lipo?

8 months post-op tummy tuck/lipo/hernia repair of belly button. I am 5'0 ft and weighed 155 lbs at time of surgery went down to 147, now at 5 months I am 163. Swollen in upper ab area, as if pregnant. Tender & very tight on the inside. My PS says there could be more fat in the upper abs and to perform additional lipo (for a fee) to try flatten area. MRI looks good no fluid or muscle issues. Will more lipo help and is the additional fee by the surgeon fair?

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Upper Abdominal Fullness after Tummy Tuck

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Body contouring operations such as Liposuction, Tummy Tuck (Abdominoplasty), Lower Body Lift or Buttock lift bring the best results when done in people with stable weight, who are not obese who do not gain weight after the surgery.

In the absence of any evidence of a hernia or fluid collection, your going from 147 to 163 pounds is unfortunate. You went from a barely obese BMI of just over 30 to a 32 (obese). Liposuction would reduce the fullness but is no substitute to the real solution which depends on increased activity and decreased caloric intake which in the long term would be associated with maintaining the results of the surgery.

You obviously are somewhat unhappy about paying for this additional operation. In the unlikely event that your surgeon promised you that he would operate on you for life free of charge, I see nothing wrong with his charging for this work and neither should you. If you asked a painter to come back to your house to re-paint a room would you expect to pay for that service? If you asked an electrician to come back and do additional wiring would he be entitled to be paid for that work? How about your family lawyer or accountant, would they be entitled to be compensated for any additional work they do for you? Why then would you begrudge your Plastic surgeon charging you for your additional procedure?

Memphis Plastic Surgeon

Plastic surgery outcomes are best if your weight remains stable

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Hi there-

Weight gain after body contouring procedures will always detract from the outcome.

It is not reasonable to hold your surgeon responsible for a decline in your appearance resulting from a gain in weight.

My advice would be to establish a healthier lifestyle- more exercise and a healthy diet... Once back to the weight you were at at the time of surgery, re-evaluate your shape and reconsider whether or not more surgery is required.

And do expect to pay for it. After all, what you paid your surgeon for in the first place was for him/her to perform a service for you- a specific outcome cannot be guaranteed... especially if the patient gains weight.

Swelling 8 months after tummy with lipo

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Sounds like your PS has evaluted your swelling and his recommendation is more lipo. If you have been completely examined than maybe lipo is the answer. Get a second opinion.

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